Lab Accessioning

Centralized lab receiving and accessioning hub for all 50 states. Dedicated receiving and sending for time sensitive materials.

1210 3rd St Blaine WA 98230

Lab Accessioning
Inbound and outbound sample accessioning station. Streamlined critical time sensitive shipping and receiving.

New Location: 1210 3rd St Blaine WA

After 20 years at the Seattle location, the shipping and receiving facility has been relocated to a newly completed transfer station in Blaine WA. All inbound shipments will be received at the transfer station in Blaine for sorting and accessioning. The centralized shipping and receiving facility will streamline the receiving and sorting of inbound shipments from locations around the United States and time sensitive international shipments.

Cold Chain Services

We offer a full range of cold chain handling services for temperature sensitive clinical and forensic samples. From chain-of-custody to packaging, shipping and global distribution, we have the capability of handling and safeguarding sensitive samples worldwide.

Receive your package sooner!

We ensure your inbound products are received on time in the best possible condition and coordinate the timely delivery of outbound products both in the US and across the border in Canada. With 20 years of experience behind us, we are committed to providing unparalleled customer service.


Introducing Logistics for Patients

Time sensitive, secure solutions for shipment of sample kits and patient samples directly from and to the patient. We offer a global solution for time, temperature and security sensitive logistics for ensuring that samples kits and samples are shipped directly to and from the door of your patient. We even offer bedside pickup for most hospitals.

Why Choose Us

Our dedication to streamlined client care is our #1 priority


Your critical specimens will be safe and secure in our facility


Extensive experience handling samples that require cool environments

Secure storage

Limited public access to ensure the safety of biological specimens

Bedside Pick-up Services

Our extensive network of medical couriers allow us to provide bedside pickup services for most hospitals within the United States. Our medical couriers will come right to your bedside for same day or next day pickup of your samples for expedited shipping to the laboratory.
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